Barn Door Event Rentals offers a variety of dishware, flatware,glassware and serving equipment to meet a broad range of possible event needs and motifs.  Why wash dishes? Let us do the work for you!  Our dishware is packed in its own container or rack for your convenience.  Use and return to rack... done deal.  We encourage you to order enough place settings for each guest times number of meals ( possible guests X total meals ).  This is not required, but it is a lot less complicated if you don't need to wash and reuse dishes out at a remote site, trust us...  We are capable of delivering a lot of creature comforts out into the boonies, but an industrial kitchen with a triple sink is not in our wheelhouse.

Once you contact us you can easily work with our staff to figure most of this out based on your event needs and expected number of guests, we can quickly put together a bundle of place settings including your chosen Dish Set Items.

* There is no need to wash any of our dishware unless you are planning to reuse it.  You can simply return the items to the racks they came in when done and we will take care of the washing back at the warehouse.