Stemware & Glassware

Barn Door Event Rentals has a great selection of glass and stemware to choose from, with stock chosen to fit every event.  Elegant Cut Glass and Clear Stemware right on down to a super utilitarian stoneware coffee mug.  Our restaurant style water crocks and galvanized steel serving pails are great for family style beverage services, while our large selection of glasses and cups should keep you guests from having to share one container per table. ;) No matter what type of event or how your are planning your beverage distribution you should be able to find what you need here.  

Once you contact us you can easily work with our staff to figure most of this out based on your event needs and expected number of guests, we can quickly put together a bundle of place settings including your chosen Stem & Glassware.

* There is no need to wash any of our glassware or stemware unless you are planning to reuse it.  You can simply return the items to the racks they came in when done and we will take care of the washing back at the warehouse.