Pole Tents
Pole Tents

Pole Tents


* Quantity of item, Not Number of Days. We will ask you about the length of your event later.

Tents are a great way to ensure mother nature does not spoil your special event and allow you to create your atmosphere and decor.  FREE site inspection is required as a part of our process; this ensures a safe, stable and timely tent installation.  Tent prices include free delivery, setup and return in the general Flathead Valley Region... Provided proper truck and trailer access is provided, we don't have our helicopter back from the shop quite yet.

Size sq ft Row Seating Seating 5 ft Round
40x40 1600 320 128
40x60 2400 480 192
40x80 3200 640 256
40x100 4000 800 320
40x120 4800 960 384
40x140 5600 1120 448
40x160 6400 1280 512
40x180 7200 1440 576
60x60 3600 720 288
60x90 5400 1180 432
60x120 7200 1440 576
60x150 9000 1800 720
60x180 10800 2160 864
60x210 12600 2520 1008
** almost unlimited size configurations available **

* Seating Capacity Chart Does Not Account For Space Needed For Dance Floors, Stages, Bar or Entertainment Areas, etc...

** 30 ft and 40 ft tents are expandable in 10 ft and 20 ft increments to allow for flexibility in the event of and increase in the actual head count or inclement weath.  All of our tents are staked for high wind loads.  All tents are set up and removed by our experienced staff only.

Add this item and other items you are interested in to your cart, after you checkout (no charges or credit cards at this point) one of our staff members will be in touch over the next few days to talk more about your rental items and event needs. You can always stop by our Kalispell location and talk in person or give us a quick call or email to get the ball rolling as well.

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