Tent Side Walls

Tent Side Walls


* Quantity of item, Not Number of Days. We will ask you about the length of your event later.

Tents can offer an intimate feel without disturbing your guests visual view of the beauty in all directions.  Window side walls provide protection against the wind and cold while still preserving the view.

Solid side walls can provide weather protection and a backdrop for head tables, bands and stages.  They block out unsightly areas such as food prep and restroom areas.  Last but not least, they make great protection screens.  Any wall can be 'wedged' or folded to quickly and easily create airflow and doorways.

Side walls are priced by the foot so they can be easily mixed and matched.  Please select (above) at least one of each sidewall product you are interested in and we will figure out exactly what panels you need as we talk with you more about your event and rental items.  Our minimum Side Wall Panel length is 10 ft, so all applications must be in minimum 10 ft increments. 

Feel free to plug in your numbers if you went to all the work of figuring things out, but really that's what we are here for.  As we learn more about your event needs and intentions we will fine tune the 'accessory' type products to your exact needs. Sidewalls product prices are per horizontal foot. To ease your mind we have put together a little table of approximate costs based on 1/2 and full wraps of some of our common Tent sizes.  It is pretty common to do 1/4 wraps and mix and match, but we wanted to keep things simple just to give you an idea.

Tent Size Wrap Style 1/2 Wrap Full Wrap
20x30 Solid $150 $300
Windowed $162.5 $325
Winter $175 $350
40x60 Solid $300 $600
Windowed $325 $650
Winter $350 $700
60x60 Solid $360 $720
Windowed $390 $780
Winter $420 $840
40x120 Solid $480 $960
Windowed $520 $1040
Winter $560 $1120
60x180 Solid $720 $1440
Windowed $780 $1560
Winter $840 $1680
** almost unlimited configurations available **
Add this item and other items you are interested in to your cart, after you checkout (no charges or credit cards at this point) one of our staff members will be in touch over the next few days to talk more about your rental items and event needs. You can always stop by our Kalispell location and talk in person or give us a quick call or email to get the ball rolling as well.

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